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I'd like to thank Mud, Shelli, Eric, Randy, and  Darlingos.
Also, suEcide, ribbit, Pam, Hess and all my other friends who helped me along the way.
A very special thanks to  HTTP2   and Tripod for always putting up with my shit. ;)

Band Links

Guitar Links      
 WarMoth  High Quality Guitar and Bass parts.
 Kiss Tabs  Kiss Tablature - Guitar and Bass.
 Led Zeppelin Tablature  For Guitar.

 WLUP FM Radio Chicago  The  BEST  in Chicago!
 NetBuster  Stop that jackass who NetBusses your system.
 PopOff!  Tired of those pop-up ads? Kick some ass with this.
 APB Online  Live Police Scanner feeds, and tons of interesting info.

I'll add more links sometime soon.
Please report broken links and other fuck ups at: